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 Botticelli Primavera painting


Fiber content: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Where it’s made: UK
About the design:

The Primavera textile prints are very special since they were designed for Ivincia’s very first collection of designer tennis dresses. The designs were inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera painting that I had the pleasure of seeing at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence when I was visiting friends one Summer.  The painting left a big impact on me and I knew that I wanted to take the sensations of awe that I experienced and incorporate them into the designs for the tennis dresses.

The textile prints for the tennis dresses were based on the fictional characters represented in this painting: Flora, Venus and the Three Graces.

Flora Ivincia textile design

Overflowing floral prints depicting wild roses and tulips engulf the textiles.  The Primavera print is an engineered design with two panels that create a striking effect on the front and back of the tennis dress.  The Flora print is an all-over design of wild roses intertwined that covers the textiles evenly.

You can see the Primavera tennis clothing collection here

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