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Daffodil Oasis

Ivincia Daffodil Oasis textile design 
Fiber content: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
Where it’s made: Spain
About the design:

The Daffodil Oasis textile design was inspired by the daffodils that grew wild outside my childhood home in a very beautiful part of the English countryside.

Inspired by memories of making daisy chains I made when I was younger, I drew flowers from my garden that intertwine in a spiral, reminiscent of a daisy chain.  I liked the idea of creating a design where a bold chain was made up of delicate flowers, so all of the drawings of the flowers individually look fragile but together they make up a bold motif.  The spiral floral chain repeats itself endlessly into infinity. 

Ivincia textile design drawing


I wanted the artwork for the textile print to be detailed and realistic, with a whimsical touch. I researched different stylistic drawings from botanical illustration books, and looked at William Morris’s iconic textile designs for inspiration on repeating patterns.

The flowers are drawn to look like they’re blossoming in an upward spiral into infinity. I wanted the flowers to have lightness and movement so that the drawing captures a beautiful continuous movement of a never-ending upward swirl. In the drawing I also played with different scales of flowers to give the overall design depth.

Ivincia textiles for tenniswear delivery with cats

Choosing the right textiles to print on was an essential part in the design process. Every textile has its own properties which impacts the end result. I chose this particular textile for its silky-smooth quality and its excellent stretch retention. This particular fabric also includes sweat-wicking, anti pilling, anti-bacterial and 4-way stretch properties.

The textiles supplier is very busy all year round producing for international activewear brands (many which you will have heard of and probably have hanging in your closet!) So, it was quite a long wait to receive the fabric delivery. As you can see from the photo above, two of my cats were also delighted when the fabric finally arrived!

There’s always something magical about seeing the textiles you’ve designed made up into a garment! The tennis dresses stamped with the Daffodil Oasis design makes me love the design even more. The fabric has a luxurious tactile touch and the colours look even more sophisticated when printed on fabric. 

You can see the Daffodil Oasis tennis clothing collection here.

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