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Improve your tennis serve with these top tips

Do you have a Wimbledon worthy tennis serve?

If you answered no, then keep on reading.

We’ve asked 4 tennis coaches from around the world to give us their best tips on how you can improve your serve.  Serving is one of the hardest shots to master in tennis and there's more to it than throwing the ball in the air and hoping for the best.

So: don’t try to learn by yourself! It’s important to practice your serve properly by learning from professionals.

Here’s what Nael has to say:
Nael has trained many professional tennis players, including Elina Svitolina.  Follow his tennis journey on Instagram here.

"Hi everyone from sunny Florida!
I've been coaching pro and junior players for 8 years. I've gained tremendous experience on tour and in our Tennis Base in Boca Raton Florida.
The main thing when perfecting your serve is the balance and Toss. Secondly you’ve got to engage your legs and connect all the motions together starting with your legs, then jump on top of the ball. It’s important to toss correctly and turn your shoulders while you are reaching for the ball. Concentration is crucial! Focus on the toss and extend the serving arm so you can get on top of the ball for first serve and on the side or bottom of the ball for second serve!
Good luck & feel free to reach out!"
You can follow Nael’s tennis journey on Instagram here


Read Amber’s top tennis serve tip:
Amber’s a tennis coach in New England & you can find her here on Instagram competing in tennis tournaments.

"Ever wonder why you keep missing your serve in the net?  My biggest tip for those annoying missed in the net serves is making sure your contact point is high enough.  Contact point should be made with a full extension of the arm, and as high as you can reach to the sky! If you have trouble feeling this motion try throwing a football or tennis ball beyond the baseline on the other side of the net.  This will help you better understand the path your arm needs to take to make the best contact possible.  It’s amazing how a good throwing motion can help to improve the contact point on your serve!"

Follow Amber’s tennis life on Instagram here.

Michele’s serve tip:
Michele’s tennis coaching profile is going to make you want to grab your racquet and head straight to the tennis court.

"My absolute favourite tip for perfecting the serve is developing a consistent and reliable toss. Having a great toss that is accurate will give players the best chance of hitting a solid serve. One of the ways one can develop a good toss is by remembering to keep their tossing arm straight as they are lifting their arm from their shoulder. Moving the wrist and elbow during the toss can cause the ball to go towards an unintended direction or too far away. This will lessen the odds of  making contact with the ball exactly where we need to. Keeping the tossing arm straight will allow players to have more control over our toss thus giving us more control over our serve.

Happy hitting!"

Follow Michele’s tennis coaching journey here.


Here’s what Lydia has to say about improving your tennis serve:
Lydia’s a UK based tennis coach in Liverpool.  Her classes look so fun you’ll want to travel straight to Liverpool take one of her tennis classes.

"The serve is of course a very technical shot & I will provide two top tips: My first top tip is to perfect your ball toss. Your ball toss should go in a straight line up in the air, with no curves or spin.  This will not only help with your consistency, but puts you in the best possible start into hitting a fantastic serve. My second top tip is to have great balance on the serve. This starts with your stance. Whether you have a pin point serve, or you have a platform stance your balance is essential.  If you have great balance, this will ensure you are stable and you can really drive up to meet that ball.

Happy serving!"

Follow Lydia’s tennis journey here.


Developing a powerful tennis serve takes time.  The good news is, practice makes perfect! By practicing the right technique you’ll be on your way to serving like a pro with these top tips!

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