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Don’t Just Play Like the Tennis Pros, Eat Like Them Too

Don’t Just Play Like the Pros, Eat Like Them Too

It could take a lifetime trying to emulate Serena Williams’ on-court speed or Sloane Stephens’ backhand, and even then it’s likely we’ll fall short. Of course, that shouldn’t stop us from trying. So, when looking at some of the top players in the world, we do more than just study their technique; we look at their lifestyle, too.

What are they wearing?

What music are they listening to?

How do they cross-train?

Any secret, whether it seems directly applicable or not, is worth a try. Being aware of what these pros are eating then is just one more hint that might give us a clue on how to up our game. (Or, at the very least, what to buy at the store.)

Below are four of our favourite female pros and some of their favorite snacks and meals. Who knows, maybe Sloane’s applesauce is just what you need to ace your opponent in your next match…

Heather Watson

The British tennis player fills up at breakfast, even if she's not that hungry, to ensure she has enough fuel for her day. Protein-packed dishes, like eggs and smoked salmon are a regular part of her diet. And, while she eats healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables, she indulges from time to time on her favorite sweets, like chocolate and tiramisu.

Serena Williams

This American superstar is famous for her love of tacos. So much so that she once tweeted, “I want tacos. Every day I want tacos.” Serena, you’re not alone.

Sloane Stephens

While Serena is loading up on tacos, her fellow American superstar reaches for applesauce and energy bars. Tacos, of course, may sound more appealing to some of us, but considering Sloane’s upset over Williams, we might just trade “Taco Tuesday” for a huge serving of applesauce. 

Maria Sharapova

As disciplined off the court as she is on it, Sharapova sticks to a fairly strict diet, reaching for green juice as a healthy snack between meals.


Will eating like your favorite player make you play better? The verdict is out, but, at the very least, you won't be hungry.

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