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Tennis vacation travel secrets that will keep you feeling glamorous


Stay glamorous all day long with these 6 travel hacks.
Whether you’re embarking on a glamorous tennis vacay or traveling to a tennis tournament, these are the 6 things you need to pack.

 Oversized tote bag - We like big tote bags because we can fit tennis rackets and much more in them.

Muji travel containers - This is the perfect way to pack all your favourite creams and cosmetics without having to leave anything behind.

Energy bars - AKA life savers.  It can be difficult to find healthy food when traveling so make sure to have a few of these on hand.  Look for ones that don’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Fluffy socks. Treat your feet well in between your tennis matches by wrapping them up in fluffiness. Whether you’re going on a long flight or a short one, you need these.

Luxury scented travel candle.  This item will instantly make you feel relaxed.  Indulge yourself after a training session with your favourite scented candle.  Choose a soy wax candle without paraffin as this is better for your health.

Luggage - Spoil yourself with the best quality.  You deserve it.  This is the area to splurge on, it will last you a life time.  Also, chic suitcases will make any outfit look instantly glamorous!

These 6 travel tips will keep you on your A Game on route to your trainings, tennis tournaments and holidays.

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