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4 tips to improve your tennis game at home (that work fast)

Imagine if you could improve your tennis level when you’re off the court, and see an instant improvement in your technique.

Are you wondering how?

By following these 4 tennis coaches tips, you’ll improve everything including your tennis serve without even stepping foot on a tennis court!

I have chosen this topic because even though I’m a tennis player and own a tennis clothing brand, the truth is I don’t play nearly as much tennis as I would like to.  I’ve noticed this is a common thread between my friends and I, we all wish we had more time to dedicate to improving our tennis levels! 

So, that’s why I’ve reached out to several tennis coaches to give you and I some pointers on how we can practice tennis, off the court. 

And, if you’re one of those tennis players who does manage to squeeze in enough time for playing tennis (lucky you!) then you can practice these tips at home to give yourself an extra advantage next time you’re facing your opponent on the tennis court!


Get better even with your eyes closed

Gaby’s tip:

“There are a few aspects of a tennis game that can be improved even at home. First of all if your apartment has high ceilings you can practice the toss of the ball for a serve. By drawing specific areas close to your feet you can practice toss accuracy by letting the ball drop in them. Another thing you can improve is a mental game. A player can practice the ability to visualize that is create a mental image of what they want to happen on a tennis court, such as winning a match. Just close your eyes for 10 minutes every day and reinforce positive thinking about your tennis game.”

Gaby runs Fit In Tennis in Barcelona with her partner. Whether you’re looking for individual coaching or group tennis sessions and tennis camps,  Fit in Tennis offers it!  To find out more about Fit In Tennis check out their meetup page here.  If you’re like me and find it inspiring to follow tennis players on Instagram, follow Gaby at @fitintennis since she posts a lot of tennis workouts and photos from tournaments she attends.


Learn from famous tennis players, from the comfort of your sofa.

Lee’s tip:

“You can improve your tennis from home by looking at youtube instruction.  Some shot construction videos can be hit and miss from unknown coaches.  I would stick to watching the top players giving instruction.  Not only can you learn about shot technique from them but they pass on good advice about court positioning and match play.”

Lee is an English Tennis coach based in Mallorca where he’s head coach at Mallorca Tennis. Lee is the tennis coach of one of my good friends and when I visit her in Mallorca we always have lessons together with Lee!  He knows all the best places to play tennis in Mallorca!  Check out Lee’s website to learn more and book classes with him here. And, follow his Facebook page here.


Visualise your way to the top

Isabela’s tip:

“I believe that one of the most efficient methods in the learning process is through visualization. My tip for you to help improve your tennis game off court would be to watch as many videos or live tennis matches as possible. Nowadays the technology allows us to see the movements in slow motion and analyze every detail. Use the visualization method and try to copy the movements at home. Doing it in front of the mirror also helps a lot.  Hope you enjoyed it, and good luck in your next match!”

Isabela is an ATP tennis coach (currently coaching Gastao Elias!) based in Miami.  Connect with her on Instagram here to find out more about lessons with her.  Isabela’s tennis profile will provide any tennis player with serious motivation, she’s often posting pictures from traveling to tournaments, playing with other professional tennis players and surrounded by tennis stars such as Serena Williams!


Practice! Practice! Practice!

Oliva’s tip:

“I really believe the extra time dedicated is the one that is going to give you the best result. Practicing the right method more and more will bring a player to be stronger.  Extra exercise,extra practice and extra conditioning. Another tip is to find someone really capable to teach you tennis because if you practice a lot but in the wrong direction, u won't achieve any result. Not improving means going into a regression."

Oliva is an Italian tennis coach who regularly uploads comprehensive tennis training videos in Instagram.  He demonstrates a lot to do with tennis technique, staying on top of your fitness and new fun ways of developing tennis skills. He also posts his commentaries on famous tennis player’s training sessions.  To up your tennis workouts, check out Oliva’s profile on Instagram here @olivatenniscoach.


I trust that these tennis tips from pros have left you feeling empowered ;)  

Are you seeking more motivation?  

Check out these 5 stylish tennis players on Instagram here.


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