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4 style tips for playing tennis in extreme heat

On a hot Summer’s factory trip to Spain last Summer, I played tennis in 35C degree weather. Even though I felt fantastic (because I was trying out my new tennis dress, of course!), I wasn’t prepared for playing in such extreme heat so after the class, I felt completely drained for the rest of the day, and the following day too...

If you’re going to play tennis in the heat and want to look and feel your best during (as well as after) your tennis session, then you’ll want to pack the next few items in your tennis bag:

1. Avene spring water spray

This is a great way to stay cool without dunking your head in water. Plus, it’s really fun to use and it’ll make you look well prepared for your tennis match ;). I like the mini size one as it fits in any bag without weighing it down.

2. Visor or cap

I don’t know why I hadn’t played with a visor before now, They’re so much fun to wear and they keep the sunlight out of your eyes as well as preventing a sunburn on your face. Tip, if you’re going for a visor and have a fringe (or bangs as you say in the US), make sure you use hair clips to secure your hair in place otherwise it will flop over the visor..  Personally, I love Wimbledon visors!

 3. SPF spritzers

Supergoop! Mini Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50

Obviously you want to put on suntan lotion before you head to the court, however once the game has started you might want to top it up. This product is great for doing just that.

I discovered this mini product at Sephora last Summer, the size makes it very convenient for packing. It’s a really lightweight product which makes it easy to apply, (and if you’re wearing makeup it doesn’t mess up your look).

 4. Glass water bottle with lemon

I don’t drink energy drinks since they’re usually full of artificial sweeteners and food colouring. Instead I add lemon to my water which is really refreshing on a hot day! 

There you have my 4 tried and tested tips that will keep you looking and feeling fresh on the tennis court, even when it’s too hot to be playing!

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